General Conditions for car rental in Austria


At time of rental, when picking-up a car, AVIS customers may choose to accept or to decline optional coverage or insurance by checking into the corresponding box (accept or reject). Once the contract is signed and coverage/insurance is accepted, it will not be refundable.

• Currency:
Euro (EUR)
• Tax:
• Minimum age:
21 for all car groups, except for the following: minimum age is 19 for car group A and minimum age is 25 for car groups G (Full Size) and H (Premium), I (Luxury) and J(Luxury).  A Young Driver fee will apply to drivers under 25 years of age.  The Young Driver fee of 12.00 EUR per day per driver, with a maximum 10 day fee.
• Driver’s License Requirements:
International Driving Permit is required unless driver has a license issued within the European Union. 

US, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand licenses are accepted (International driving permit not required for renters with a US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand license). 

Applicable to all drivers, a valid driver's license must have been held for a minimum of one year.

Exception: A driver's license from Greece is acceptable.

An International Driving Permit (IDP) serves only as a translation of a driver's existing license, and by itself is not acceptable for vehicle rental.
• Credit Card:
An International credit card accepted by AVIS will be required at the time you collect your vehicle; said credit card will be blocked to be used as a guarantee and to cover any extra charge not included in the Voucher, such as, gas, insurance deductible, etc.
• Debit Cards:
Debit cards are not accepted.
• Additional drivers: All additional drivers must meet the same minimum age and driver's license requirements as the renter. All additional drivers must be present at time of pick-up of the rental vehicle.

Insurances and Coverages

• Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is Optional 
Customer is liable for full value of the Avis vehicle if Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not taken.  Purchase of CDW reduces liability to an amount between 720.00 EUR and 1160.00 EUR depending on car group rented in the event of damage or parts of it to the Avis vehicle.

• Theft Protection (TP) is Optional 
Customer is liable for the full value of the Avis vehicle if Theft Protection (TP) is not taken.  Purchase of TP reduces liability to an amount between  720.00 EUR and 1160.00 EUR depending on car group rented for theft of parts or all of the Avis vehicle.

• Windscreen Damage Waiver (WDW) is Optional
Reduces the excess to zero for damage to the front window of the vehicle. 
The cost is 1.00 EUR plus tax per day for all car groups.  

Note:  If you require additional insurance coverage you may purchase locally to reduce/remove the insurance excess.  Just ask at the Avis rental desk when you collect your car.

Global insurance coverages are always subject to change. Please verify at time of rental.

Estimated Totals

Approximate total includes base rate, taxes, and surcharges. Items such as coupon discounts, child safety seats, winterization fee from 01Nov - 31Mar and gas are NOT included in the estimated total. Optional coverages and one-way fees are subject to tax in certain locations. This tax is not reflected in the Estimated Total.

Estimated total is subject to change based upon exchange rates at the time of rental.

Travel into other countries

Eastern Europe
Vehicles owned by and rented from Austria may not be driven into or rented one-way to the following Eastern European countries (or any countries outside Europe) Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Yugoslavia.

All Mercedes (Except E-Class) vehicles are permitted to travel in Italy.

United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland
Cars are not allowed to travel into the U.K. or the Republic of Ireland.

Travel into Switzerland
All vehicles driving on Swiss highways must purchase a special tax sticker (Swiss Hwy. Sticker). Cost is 40.00 SFR and is available for purchase at the border crossings. Customer is subject to a fine of 100.00 SFR if caught without the sticker.

Specific vehicles owned by and rented from Austria are allowed to be driven into the following countries:Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland. Additionally the following restrictions will apply:
• Customer must purchase of non-refundable taxable Security Surcharge of between 7.27 EUR per day, maximum 72.70 EUR per rental.
• The original rental agreement must show the Authorization Stamp.
• Purchase of CDW and TP (North American customers must purchase an Inclusive rate).
• The car must be parked at a garage with security patrols.
• Use of any security system available is required.
• VW, Audi and Mercedes are not allowed to travel into these countries.

( ! ) Information and values are subject to change without prior notice. 
( ! ) All values are subject to tax unless otherwise specified.

Last Update: 11/25/2015