General Conditions for car rental in Argentina


At time of rental, when picking-up a car, AVIS customers may choose to accept or to decline optional coverage or insurance by checking into the corresponding box (accept or reject). Once the contract is signed and coverage/insurance is accepted, it will not be refundable.

• Currency:
Argentine Peso (ARS)
• Tax:
• Minimum age:
23 years.
• Driver’s License/Passport:
At the moment the Rental Agreement is opened, a valid Driver´s License and the driver´s passport must be presented. The License should have been issued at the country of origin. In those cases where an International Driver´s License is presented, it must be presented with the Driver´s License of the country of origin of the driver and the driver´s passport.
• Driver’s License Requirements:
Valid driver's license from country of residence is required. The driver's license must have been held for a minimum of one year (not for renewals). International driving license is required only for countries with non-Roman alphabet. International driving license is a translation only.
• Credit Card:
An International credit card accepted by AVIS will be required at the time you collect your vehicle; said credit card will be blocked to be used as a guarantee and to cover any extra charge not included in the Voucher, such as, gas, insurance deductible, etc.
• Debit Cards:
Debit cards are not accepted.
Avis and Avis licensees reserve the right to refuse any request for rental including requests for  persons under age, persons not in possession of a recognized full and valid driver's license, persons unable to satisfy credit or cash requirements, or  persons who, in the opinion of Avis, constitute a risk.

Insurances and Coverages

• Motor Liability Insurance 
Basic coverage for Civil Liability and third-party property damage, within the limits established by insurance laws, is included in the rates.

• Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is optional 
Customer is liable for full value of the Avis vehicle if Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not taken. Purchase of CDW reduces liability to an amount starting from ARS 5,000.00 depending on car group rented in the event of an accident to or theft of the Avis vehicle. In the event the Avis vehicle is turned over the CDW will reduce liability to an amount starting from ARS 65,000.00 depending on car group rented.

• PAI – Personal Accident Insurance   
Avis PAI covers medical assistance and expenses in case of illness and/or accident of the renter, and in case of accident of the occupants of the Avis vehicle. Buying this insurance, the driver and occupants of an Avis car will be insured against body injuries if they occur while they are inside the rented Avis vehicle, as long as the number of occupants does not exceed the number of seatbelts. Verify the scope and limits of this insurance at time of booking.

• PEP – Personal Effects Protection
With the purchase of PEP, in the event of theft, the client’s personal effects will be covered up to a maximum amount. Does not cover lost or missing effects. The client must present a police report. Verify the scope and limits of this insurance at time of booking.

Additional Charges

• Additional drivers: ARS 123.97 plus tax per additional driver, per rental. All additional drivers must meet the same minimum age and driver's license requirements as the renter. All additional drivers must be present at time of pick-up of the rental vehicle. 
One Way rentals
Many AVIS locations allow renters to return the car in a different Avis location from where it was picked-up, always within Argentina. There may be an additional charge for domestic one-way rentals. Ask Avis before making your reservation.

Travel into other countries

Depending on the starting rental location, an Avis rental car may cross borders into Chile, Uruguay or Brazil, under specific requirements. An additional fee applies. Please ask Avis about conditions and costs. Subject to availability at time of rental. The rental vehicle must be returned in Argentina.

( ! ) Information and values are subject to change without prior notice. 
( ! ) All values are subject to tax unless otherwise specified.

Last Update: 01/03/2018